eSSENCE is a strategic collaborative research programme in e-science between three Swedish universities with a strong tradition of excellent e-science research: Uppsala University, Lund University and Umeå University. It originated from a governmental initiative to promote high-quality research in areas of strategic societal and industrial importance.

E-science takes advantage of the development of digital tools such as computers, storage, networks and software to advance research and study complex problems that are impossible to solve using other methods. This leads to new industrial processes, modern materials and better medicines.

Yet this is only the beginning: a world of methods and applications are waiting to be discovered, developed and implemented for the benefit of science and society.


The vision of eSSENCE is to take Swedish e-science to the highest international level and build a creative research environment where:

  • new e-science methods and tools are developed, implemented and applied
  • new e-science applications are discovered and developed
  • the next generation of e-science researchers is trained in forefront science.


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